Our Dermatology Services

Tamara Hill, M.D. and Denise Blaylock, M.D. are all highly trained to treat all of the various conditions that affect the skin, hair, and nails. Together, Dr. Hill and Dr. Blaylock successfully treat skin cancer and precancerous lesions, benign lesions, hyperpigmentation, eczema, alopecia, psoriasis, boils, cysts, candidiasis, cellulitis, dermatitis, folliculitis, fungal infection, hyperkeratosis, impetigo, keratosis, shingles, skin tags, rosacea, acne as well as many other conditions.


Our providers have decades of combined experience to identify, treat, and manage any skin-related issues you may have.


Depending on your diagnosis, we have all manner of treatments available. From medicinal interventions to dermatological surgery, we will treat you as best as we can.


If surgery is deemed necessary, we are able to accomplish limited surgical procedures on-site for the convenience of our patients.


Once treatment has begun or after surgery, we follow-up with our patients to verify that progress is attained. Our patients receive the highest quality care possible at the beginning, during, and end of their affliction.

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